Re·fined; adj. polished, free from impurities

South·ern; adj. the coastal plain (“Lowcountry”) and uplands of the southeastern United States.

Cui·sine; n. style of cooking, the food prepared.

Our food is a tribute of sorts to our heritage and childhood memory of meals shared with family and friends. It’s the food we learned to cook professionally in the Carolinas and on the Charleston peninsula and surrounding islands. And it's the food we like to eat today.

We change the menus frequently, taking advantage of seasonal and local flavors. We butcher most of our meats and seafood in-house and hand select greens and vegetables from the back of our farmer’s truck for much of the year. The food we create here is pretty special.

Get hungry checking out our current menus. Join us for brunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

We love our community and make every effort to purchase products and services from locally owned and operated businesses.

We do not accept orders from any third party vendors.

Please call the restaurant and place a take out order with one of our staff members.

Thank You